1800 HELPLINE  1800 435 754 NO Win NO FeePersonal Injury Helpline is an initiative and division of Sinnamon Lawyers

Claims Process

Commencing a claim can be a daunting prospect for people who have not previously had to deal with Insurers and Lawyers however we seek to streamline the process so that the uncertainty and mystery is removed.

First Step

The first step in the process is to contact us. Our Personal Injury Helpline will immediately provide you with an assessment of your likely prospect over the telephone and assuming that you wish to proceed and we thing that you have a case then we would seek to take the second step which is a face to face meeting.

And Then

At that meeting we would take details from you, complete necessary claim documentation and in the case of a claim undertaken by our partner legal team explain to you our No Win No Fee agreement. Provided you are happy with the agreement then we would proceed with conducting your Personal Injury Claim which would be handled at all times by suitably qualified Personal Injury Lawyers.

In certain cases, especially Motor Vehicle Accident claims we can assist you with having your treatment costs paid for up front by the Insurer. Injured workers generally have their treatment expenses paid for by Work Cover.

After That

At approximately 11-12 months post accident we are able to engage our Medical Experts to provide your likely long term prognosis. Even accident that appear to be relatively minor at the time can result in some degree of permanent partial disability and that disability needs to be assessed by medical professionals.


Once we have obtained a full set of Medical reports we will then provide you with advice as to what your likely compensation award will be in terms of monetary value.

At this point generally the Insurance Company will have also made an assessment in relation to your claim, subject to your instructions we will seek to negotiate a settlement with the Insurer which is usually the most cost effective way to resolve your claim.

Provided we can get the Insurer to agree to an amount that is reasonable then we will recommend settlement to you at which time we will be able to advise you of the exact amount that you would receive clear of all refunds should you proceed with the settlement.

Often times we negotiate settlements directly with the Insurer over the telephone however in some cases it is necessary to participate in a conference with the Insurer which you and your Personal Injury Lawyer will attend.

We find that the vast majority of cases settle at this point as mediation results in a positive result for our clients without the expenses of litigation. At the end of the day however the decision regarding settlement will always be yours and yours alone.

Our job and the job of our Personal Injury Lawyers is to provide the best possible advice that we can based upon past awards for similar injuries and circumstances.