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Work Cover Claims

Personal Injury Helpline through our Personal Injury Lawyers are able to assist clients concerning Work Cover Claims.

Under the relevant Work Cover Legislation workers in Queensland for instance have two types of rights namely:

  1. Statutory Rights and
  2. Common Law Rights

The Statutory Rights come into play for any person who is injured either at work or in connection with work i.e. travelling to or from work.

Under the Statutory system workers will be paid an amount in respect of their medical expenses and wages and ultimately may be awarded a statutory lump sum after an assessment from the Medical Assessment Tribunal.

Common Law Rights and Common Law Claims

If however a worker is injured as a result of the negligence of their employer then a common law claim can be pursued against Work Cover as the insurer of the employer. Under a common law claim a worker will be entitled to an amount for pain and suffering, future medical expenses and lost income both past and future.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers are able to provide you with timely advice concerning your rights however there are pitfalls contained within the Work Cover Legislation and your rights could be lost if you do not seek proper advice.

You can feel free to contact our Personal Injury Helpline simply to ask a question concerning your Work Cover Claim throughout the course of it.

It is very important for injured workers to understand that the acceptance of a Work Cover statutory offer will in most circumstances result in the loss of common law rights, as such we would strongly recommend that you take the time to contact us so that the decision made by you will be made with all the information that you need to ensure that your rights are protected.

Our specialist Personal Injury Lawyers work on a No Win No Fee basis for injured workers and as mentioned are happy to provide advice over the telephone at any time during the course of your claim even if you haven’t decided yet to pursue a common law claim.

Each State has its own system of Work Cover and it is important that you be advised by a specialist Personal Injury Lawyer in the State or Territory relevant to your accident. We can assist you in that regard at no charge to you.

You can contact us on either 1800 HELPLINE (1800 435 754) or alternatively complete the attached form and we will call you almost immediately.